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Global Health Institute (GHI) was established in May 2008 and registered according to the law of the Russian Federation. The priority direction of the GHI activity is stated to be the research in drug addiction and HIV/AIDS areas. In 2010 GHI obtained Federal Wide Assurance (FWA00015977).



The mission of the Institute is to facilitate global health related activities at local, national and international levels conducting research, training and preventive measures and assisting governmental and non-governmental institutions in those activities.


Board of Trustees


Dr. Edwin Zwartau, MD, PhD

Dr. Evgeny Krupitsky, MD, PhD

Dr. Dmitry Lioznov, MD, PhD




Dmitry Lioznov, MD, PhD(Executive Director)

Svatlana Nikolaenko, MD, PhD (Coordinator)


Conflict of Interest Policy